Diet and nutrition are an Important Aspect for Better Life

The significance of a balanced diet cannot be accentuated more for a lively and active lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can be achieved by sustaining a balanced diet and taking into consideration to meet the needs of all the vital nutrients required by the body. One of the major roles played in the overall development of an individual is that of good nutrition that starts right from the age of infancy until old age. Proper nutrition and a balanced diet must be given adequate emphasis in all phases of life.

Although a lifestyle with good nutrition and a balanced diet can be adopted at any phase of life irrespective of their past. A little physical activity along with a healthy diet can help an individual maintain a healthy weight and eliminate the risks of chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases and cancer, and ultimately lead a healthy life. As per the report, United States is severely suffering from issues like obesity in the adolescents and young population, as around one-third of U.S. adults, i.e., 33.8% are obese and relatively 17% of youngsters and adolescents aged between 2-19 years are suffering from obesity.

A poor diet and nutrition, even for people at a healthy weight, can lead to major health risks that can cause several kinds of ailments and even death. The common chronic ailments observed in people with poor diets include hypertension, heart disease, osteoporosis, and certain various kinds of cancer. By just making smart food choices, people can safeguard themselves from such chronic health ailments. The fundamental requirement for continued and good health is by consuming adequate nutrients, a well-balanced diet, and appropriate calories.

A suitable diet results in active growth, healthy aging, and greater resilience against serious diseases. Likewise, poor nutrition and diet put people at a larger risk of infection and a wide range of chronic illnesses comprising cardiovascular disease and different types of cancer. In spite of the proper understanding and knowledge about healthy diet and nutrition, the majority of the UK population are overweight or obese, as consumption of fruit and vegetables is lowering and the density of calories in an average shopping cart is rising up. In the meantime, about three million people in the UK are suffering from malnutrition, consisting of 30% of those who are hospitalized and 40% in long-term medical care.

The continual studies frequently signify that healthy food intake is the most essential part of our healthy body and fitness programs. A healthy body and healthy lifestyle also majorly depends on the quality of nutrition the food comprises of. In order to maintain a healthy body and better maintenance of healthy tissues, cells, glands, and organs, good quality of nutrients are required, which further aid in hormonal, metabolic, physical, mental, or chemical actions of the human body.

The right kind of food along with the right kind of nutrition is the most essential single factor in the advancement of health. The right kind of diet or ideal diet should consist of abundant amounts of nuts, seeds, vegetables, grains, and fruits that can nourish the body with adequate quantities of all essential nutrients. Moreover, an appropriate balance of acid-alkaline plays a crucial role in the chemistry of a balanced body. In a nutshell, an individual’s daily diet should comprise 80% alkaline-forming foods and 20% acid-forming foods which can offer enough quantities of fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, dietary fibers, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

It is so unfortunate for the present day’s world that it has been accustomed to a structure and to a lifestyle of consumption of foods which is likely to have numerous harmful effects on an individual’s health. The rapid changes in people’s lifestyles have compelled them to an extent that an individual does not have so much time to really think what they are eating is a healthy diet or not! The speedy globalization has intensely stirred one’s eating habits and forced the majority of the population to consume high calorie and fancy fast foods, popularly known as Junk foods.

Frequent studies and analysis have concluded into the probable health hazards because of the consumption of such high-calorie foods further providing an insight to avoid them, but unluckily safety measures taken are not as effective as they need to be. The developing countries have witnessed a significant rise in chronic illnesses such as food poisoning, dehydration, and such unhealthy and high-calorie processed food, junk food, and high fat calorie consumption are the crucial factors to its contribution.

It is high time that people should understand that wellness and a healthy lifestyle is about being comfortable in your body, your place, and your surroundings. A hearty and active lifestyle can elevate the endurance of an individual. To sum up, it is necessary to make sure that one’s heart and bones are healthy and they are best in their health for better future health and welfare.

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