Allulose Market is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 10.9% During the Forecast Period, 2022-2030

: February 2023

Allulose Market: Synopsis 

Reports and Insights deliver key insights on the allulose market. In terms of revenue, the allulose market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 10.9% during the forecast period, owing to numerous factors, regarding which Reports and Insights offer thorough insights and forecasts in its report on the allulose market. 


Market Report Stance:   

The objective of this report on the allulose market is to discuss market dynamics, including market drivers, market restraints, allulose market opportunities for the major players, allulose market trends, market segmentation outlook, regional outlook, allulose market size, market forecast, market share, as well as the major players operating in the allulose market.

Allulose is a natural sweetener occurring in nature in various crops and fruits such as figs, wheat, molasses, jackfruit, raisins, maple, etc. Allulose is considered as a safer substitute for sugar as it provides the required sweetness in food without the health hazards of sugar. Most of these hazards are avoided because allulose is not absorbed by the body and passes through the digestive system unchanged. Allulose was first identified in 1940 but was separated from fructose only in 1994. It is approved by the national public health regulatory agencies of major countries such as the US, Mexico, and Japan.


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Allulose Market: Dynamics

Numerous factors are responsible for the strong CAGR of the allulose market. Firstly, the new trend is that people nowadays have a high degree of nutritional and health consciousness. To avoid genetic diseases such as diabetes, younger people avoid the consumption of harmful sugar from a very early age. Also, with being nutritionally conscious, people try to be in a calorie deficit which assists in weight loss. Secondly, choosing allulose over sugar has a great many health benefits. This helps in avoiding acute diseases such as IBS and arthritis. Cavities in teeth can also be easily avoided.

Thirdly, quite a few countries around the world are accepting the use of allulose. This is one of the major drivers of the allulose market. Lastly, people are increasingly becoming aware of the side effects of the prevalent high fructose syrup. Although very cheap, this high fructose syrup has health derogatory effects even worse than sugar. Moreover, this syrup is used by all major manufacturers of food and beverage products including the Coca-Cola Company. Allulose acts as a healthier substitute for this high fructose corn syrup as well.

Some factors, such as physical ailments due to excessive consumption and high cost, are restraining the growth of the allulose market. Too much consumption of allulose is bringing forward cases of the increased weight of kidneys and liver. Moreover, the difference in cost between sugar and allulose is very significant. A difference of almost 5 times in cost is not acceptable in any circumstances. Thus, these factors are acting as barriers to the growth of this market.

Nevertheless, the fast-spreading awareness and investment in research and development, to reduce the cost of production and improve the product, provide worthwhile opportunities in this market.

Overall, the market for allulose is still growing and there are some challenges and barriers along the way too. But, with the drivers mentioned and the opportunities adjudged, the allulose market is anticipated to experience considerable expansion during the forecast period.


Allulose Market: Regional Stance

North America is the leader in the allulose market. The US FDA has approved the use of allulose as a general-purpose sweetener. Moreover, lifestyle shifts in both, the US and Mexico are driving the market here.

While Asia Pacific has seen some growth in this market as Japan, Singapore, and South Korea approved the use of allulose, once this is approved by the Indian and the Chinese public healthcare agencies, this region will see a massive boost in revenue generated from allulose.


Allulose Market: Key Players   

There are several key players in the market for allulose. Some of the leading companies include Anderson Global Group, LLC, Apura Ingredients, Biosynth Carbosynth, Blue California, Bonumose LLC, Cargill Inc., CJ Cheil Jedang, Daesang, Eat Just Inc., Health Garden, Heatland Food Products Group, Ingredion Inc., Keystone Pantry, Matsutani Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., Merck KGaA, QuestNutrition, Samyang Corporation, Tate & Lyle PLC, and Wellversed amongst all.


Allulose Market: Segmentation Outlook   

These segments provide a deeper understanding of the allulose market and allow for more targeted and effective market analysis and decision-making. The following factors can be used to divide the market for Allulose:   

Allulose Market, By Form:   

Based on the Form the global allulose Market is segmented into; Crystal, Powder, and Liquid.

Allulose Market, By Nature:   

Based on Nature the global allulose Market is segmented into; Organic & Conventional.

Allulose Market, By Grade:   

Based on the Grade the global allulose Market is segmented into; Food, Pharmaceuticals, Kosher, Regular, and Others.   

Allulose Market, By Application:   

Based on the Application the global allulose Market is segmented into; Food, Beverages, Food Service Providers, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Retail/Household, and Others.


Allulose Market, By Sales Channel:   

Based on the Sales Channel the global allulose Market is segmented into; Online & Offline.


Allulose Market, By Geography:   

Based on the Geography the global allulose Market is segmented into; North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.


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