Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Market is Expected to Reach US$ 15,887.5 Million by 2030

: March 2023

Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Market: Synopsis 

Reports and Insights deliver key insights on the global Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Market. In terms of revenue, the global energy-efficient refrigeration market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 4.4% during the forecast period and expected to reach at a value of US$ 15,887.5 Mn by the end of year 2030, owing to numerous factors, regarding which Reports and Insights offer thorough insights and forecasts in its report on the global energy-efficient refrigeration market. 

Market Report Stance:

The objective of this report on the energy-efficient refrigeration market is to discuss market dynamics, including market drivers, market restraints, energy-efficient refrigeration market opportunities for the major players, energy-efficient refrigeration market trends, market segmentation outlook, regional outlook, energy-efficient refrigeration market size, market forecast, market share, as well as the major players operating in the energy-efficient refrigeration market. 

The meaning of energy-efficient refrigeration is the use of refrigerators that are energy efficient. These are smart appliances that are so designed that the level of energy they consume considering their storage capacity is minimum. Energy-efficient refrigeration does not only refer to household appliances, but also to commercial appliances that help reducing the cost of business. By using energy-efficient refrigeration, the harm to the environment can also be limited. The Global Warming Potential (GWP) of energy-efficient refrigerators is considerably lower than traditional refrigerators.

Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Market: Dynamics

The demand for energy-efficient refrigeration is not just booming in the household market, but also in the commercial market. In the household market, people are continuously getting more aware about the reduced cost of electricity by using these energy-efficient refrigerators. Similarly, in the commercial landscape, industries that depend highly on refrigeration are cautious of both, the consumption of electricity as well as the carbon footprint they leave behind. Therefore, people are constantly shifting to energy-efficient refrigeration.

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Along with the rising general awareness, government is also pushing to adopt the energy-efficient refrigeration culture. They want to be in line with the environmental goals decided in the Conference of Parties (COP) organized by the United Nations (UN) to achieve the target of net zero emission. This helps in the promotion of energy-efficient refrigeration as well.

However, due to market restraint factors such as asymmetric information in the market, high initial cost of acquisition, and excessive service and maintenance cost, the growth of the energy-efficient refrigeration market gets restricted. Once people are more aware about the cost benefits reaped in terms of electricity bills, the energy-efficient refrigeration market will achieve even greater heights.

Overall, the scope in the market of energy-efficient refrigeration is wide given the stage of maturity nearing in the product life cycle. Moreover, due to the overall expanding demand for refrigerators in developing and under-developed countries, the energy-efficient refrigeration market is anticipated to experience considerable expansion during the forecast period.

Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Market: Regional Outlook

China and India, in the Asia Pacific Market, are the main economies responsible for the booming growth in this region. With these two developing economies moving rapidly towards urbanization, the adaptation for energy-efficient refrigeration is very natural. Also, Asia Pacific is the hub of developing and under-developed nations which further provides a great scope for demand.

With higher available disposable income and a lot of people relocating to countries like Canada in North America, the overall demand for refrigerators is strong. Additionally, the educated class of people, which form a high percentage, opt only for energy-efficient appliances.

Europe is seeing a surge in modernization while keeping the legacy of their history alive. This thought has given space for a large number of renovation projects and thus the demand for energy-efficient appliances in general has been on the rise.

Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Market: Key Players

There are several key players in the market for energy-efficient refrigeration. Some of the leading companies include Bosch Thermotechnology Corp., Carrier Corporation, Daikin Industries Ltd., Danfoss A/S, Electrolux AB, Haier Group Corporation, Johnson Controls, Inc., LG Electronics Inc., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd.

Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Market: Segmentation Outlook

These segments provide a deeper understanding of the energy-efficient refrigeration market and allow for more targeted and effective market analysis and decision-making. The following factors can be used to divide the market for energy-efficient refrigeration:

Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Market, By Product Type:  

Air Conditioning Units, Freezers, and Refrigerators 

Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Market, By Technology:  

HCFCs, HFCs, and Natural Refrigerants

Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Market, By End-user:  

Commercial, Industrial, and Residential

Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Market, By Sales Channel:  

Direct Sales, Online Sales, and Offline Sales

Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Market, By Geography:  

North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa


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