Implantable Pulse Generator Market to Gain a Size of USD 5.3 Billion by end of 2030

: May 2022

The rapid technological advancements in the healthcare industry and other major driving factors are expected to favor the rise in the global implantable pulse generator market


Reports and Insights has published a new report titled, “Implantable Pulse Generator Market: Opportunity Analysis and Future Assessment 2022-2030

Global Implantable Pulse Generator Market, By Product Type (Implantable Cardiac Pacemakers, Implantable Defibrillators, Cochlear Implants, Implantable Nerve Stimulators (FES) (Limb Function Stimulation, Bladder Stimulators, Sphincter Stimulators, Diaphragm Stimulators, Analgesia), Implantable Infusion Pumps, Implantable Active Monitoring Devices), By Application (Neurovascular Diseases, Cardiovascular Diseases, Orthopedic), By End User (Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Home Care Settings, Clinics) and By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, & Africa) is expected to grow at a significant CAGR for the period between 2022 and 2030.

The global implantable pulse generator market in 2020 is estimated for more than US$ 2.5 Bn and expected to reach a value of US$ 5.3 Bn by 2028 with a significant CAGR of 9.9%.

The implantable pulse generator can be perceived as a battery-powered, micro-electronic medical apparatus, rooted in the patient’s body, which forwards electric stimulation to the nervous system with an eye on stimulating or provoking various nerve impulses in the body.

The implantable pulse generator can be said as one of the most up-and-coming and promising technologies which bears the potential to treat several different medical conditions like alleviating obesity, back pain, hypertension, stress, and even assist in treating diabetes with the intention of controlling or cease the dosage of insulin that is needed to be taken on an everyday basis. Attributing to all such factors, the implantable pulse generator is gaining prominence across the global markets and thus, the market is projected to rise considerably in the near future.

In addition to that, the implantable pulse generators also play a major role in circumstances where the medications are entirely ineffectual or might be reflecting some adverse effects, which makes it more preferable over other medications and thereby, projected to boost its demand all across the market. Owing to which, the implantable pulse generator market is expected to rise significantly over the coming years.

Moreover, the implantable pulse generators are developed and reckoned with the view to provide electrical stimuli to the nervous systems and are essential for neuro-modulation. The swift advances in the healthcare industry along with the growing number of upgrades in the medical treatments is further gaining grounds all across the world which is further expected to offer major breakthroughs to the growth of the global implantable pulse generators market size in the coming years.

Reports and Insights Study identifies some of the key participating players in the implantable pulse generator market globally are Medtronic, Inc., Boston Scientific Corporation, St. Jude Medical, Inc., Synapse Biomedical, Inc., Nevro Corporation, Neurosigma, Inc., Neuropace, Inc., Cyberonics, Inc., and BioControl Medical., among others.

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