Insufflation Devices Market is Slated to Reach US$ 4.0 Billion by 2030

Insufflation Devices Market: Introduction

Reports and Insights deliver key insights on the global insufflation devices market. In terms of revenue, the global insufflation devices market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 6.4% during the forecast period, owing to numerous factors, regarding which Reports and Insights offer thorough insights and forecasts in its report on the global insufflation devices market.

During bariatric surgery, the use of insufflation devices helps to maintain the pneumoperitoneum and reduces the risk of clinical problems. Additionally, they support the maintenance of appropriate abdominal pressure circumstances, shortening the duration of surgery and mitigating the negative effects of CO2 pneumoperitoneum. Therefore, insufflation devices are more frequently used by medical experts during laparoscopic, bariatric, cardiac, and other types of surgery. Over the forecast period, these factors are anticipated to fuel market expansion. The use of insufflation devices is expected to grow as laparoscopic procedures become more popular due to their advantages across the globe.

Market Report Outlook:

This report on the global insufflation devices market aims to discuss market dynamics, including market drivers, potential threats and challenges to the market, global insufflation devices market opportunities for the major players, global insufflation devices market trends, market segmentation outlook, regional outlook, global insufflation devices market size, market forecast, market share, as well as the major players operating in the global insufflation devices market.

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Insufflation Devices Market: Dynamics

Insufflation devices are used by medical experts during cardiac, bariatric, and laparoscopic procedures. The benefits that laparoscopic surgery provides are expected to increase the use of insufflation devices. For cardiac surgery, insufflation devices are utilized to lessen complications such as myocardial dysfunction and brain injury. The population's increasing prevalence of heart disorders will result in more cardiac surgeries being conducted during the coming years, which will increase the demand for insufflation devices in those years.

Globally, more laparoscopic surgical procedures, including cholecystectomy, hernia repair, laparoscopic splenectomy, and hepatectomy, are being used, which is driving the development of this market segment. Reduced postoperative pain, better cosmetic outcomes, more patient satisfaction, and a shorter hospital stay are some benefits of laparoscopic surgery. The number of laparoscopic emergency procedures has also increased. These factors are anticipated to advance the market because insufflation devices are frequently used in laparoscopic surgeries, consequently promoting market expansion.

Insufflation Devices Market: Regional Outlook

This market's origins are in North America, Latin America, Europe, China, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa.

The market for insufflation devices in North America is being driven by the quick uptake of minimally invasive surgeries and the surge in laparoscopic surgeries. One of the key trends in the area is the quick development of medical technology and the quick uptake of that technology. Over the predicted term in the region, these factors are anticipated to drive demand for insufflation devices.

The market for insufflation devices is anticipated to expand significantly in the Asia Pacific region as a result of the expanding frequency of obesity and heart disease, as well as the unmet need for efficient and long-lasting treatment solutions. The demand for insufflation devices in the area will also increase as people become more aware of minimally invasive surgery.

Insufflation Devices Market: Key Players

To increase their market share, major businesses engage in tactics including mergers and acquisitions, collaborations, and the introduction of novel, high-tech goods, and services. To produce technologically improved products, major firms are investing much in research and development. The following are few well-known manufacturers of insufflation devices are as follows; B. Braun Melsungen, BD, CONMED, Fujifilm, Karl Storz, Medtronic, Olympus, Richard Wolf, Smith & Nephew, Steris, and Stryker amongst others.

Insufflation Devices Market: Segmentation Outlook

Data for growth projections and estimates are included in this study for the Application segment (Bariatric Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, and Other Surgeries); for the End-Use segment (Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Clinics, and Hospitals).

Contemporary Developments and Collaborations in the Insufflation Devices Market:

Following are a few recent innovations made by major insufflation device manufacturers:

The formation of a separate medical device firm with a kidney care emphasis was announced by Medtronic and DaVita Inc. in May 2022. The new business's main objective will be to create treatments for people with kidney failure.

To address the demands of ambulatory surgical centers and office-based labs, Medtronic and GE Healthcare announced a collaboration in April 2022. By introducing a new product portfolio as a result of this partnership, both businesses hope to improve the Ambulatory Surgical Clinics and provide their clients with superior healthcare facilities.

The purchase of Vocera Communication by Stryker Corporation was finalized in February 2022. Stryker's Advanced Digital Healthcare offerings will be improved thanks to the acquisition.


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