Renewable Solvent Market is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 7.4% During the Forecast Period of 2023 to 2031

: May 2023

Renewable Solvent Market Synopsys:

Reports and Insights has provided comprehensive insights and forecasts on the renewable solvent market, highlighting various factors that contribute to its estimated revenue growth at a CAGR of 7.4% during the forecast period. These insights provide valuable information for understanding the market and its potential opportunities.

The phrase "renewable solvent" refers to a solvent that is derived from renewable sources or produced using sustainable methods. Chemicals, medicines, paints and coatings, cleaning products, and other industries use solvents extensively because they may scatter or dissolve other compounds to create solutions. All types of solvents are available in the market, including bio-based, green, and bio-solvents. In various applications, such as coatings, adhesives, printing inks, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and cleaning goods, these solvents can be used instead of traditional solvents. Many reasons, such as escalating environmental restrictions, worries about climate change, and the demand for more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives, have contributed to the growth of the market. Companies are investing in research and development to develop new technologies and processes to produce solvents from renewable sources. In comparison to their conventional counterparts, these solvents frequently have lower toxicity, lower emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and a lesser carbon footprint. The market is anticipated to grow throughout the projected period as a consequence of these advantages.

Renewable Solvent Market Report Stance:

This report aims to provide an overview of the renewable solvent market by analyzing its market dynamics, such as the factors driving the market, the challenges limiting its growth, and the opportunities available to major players in the industry. The report also covers emerging trends in the market, market segmentation, regional outlook, market size, market share, and market forecast. Furthermore, the report provides insights into the major players operating in the market and their market share.

Key Factors Affecting the Growth of the Market:

One of the primary drivers of the market is an increase in awareness about the detrimental effects of conventional solvents on the environment has led to a shift towards solvents. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which contribute to air pollution and have negative impacts on human health, are frequently present in conventional solvents. Renewable solvents, on the other hand, are derived from sustainable resources and have lower VOC emissions, making them a preferred choice for environmentally conscious consumers. Additionally, many companies across different sectors are incorporating sustainability goals into their business strategies. This includes adopting this product as part of their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint. As a result, there is an increase in demand for products from these companies, driving market growth.

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Further, a major challenge is the limited availability and scalability of solvents. The production of solvents relies on biomass feedstocks or waste streams, which may have seasonal or regional variations. Scaling up the production to meet the demand can be challenging due to constraints in feedstock availability, infrastructure, and logistics.

Regional Level Insights:

The North American region dominated the majority of the global market, due to the countries of the North America region having a rise in product consumption in the paint and coating industries, pharmaceutical industries, and significant major players. The high standard of living in the area, as well as changes in laws and economic improvements, have all aided in the expansion of the market in the US, which is subsequently followed by Canada.

During the projected period, the global market is anticipated to develop at the quickest rate in the Asia-Pacific region. India is the second-largest market for renewable after China.

The global market is anticipated to have significant growth in the market by the European region. The region has a strong regulatory framework that ensures the quality of products. The U.K. is the largest market for in Europe, followed by Spain.

Competitive Analysis:

The key players functioning in the market include competitors Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), BioAmber Inc., BioMCN, Cargill Incorporated, DuPont Industrial Biosciences, Genomatica Inc., Green Biologics Ltd., Huntsman Corporation, LyondellBasell Industries N.V., Solvay S.A., and Vertec BioSolve amongst others.

Market Segmentation Insights:

The market is segmented based on raw material, solvent type, end-user industry, and geography.

Biomass Segment Tends to Fuel the Market:

Based on raw material segmentation, biomass plays a vital role in the market by providing a sustainable and carbon-neutral feedstock for solvent production. Solvents derived from biomass are anticipated to play a crucial role in the shift to a more sustainable and renewable economy as the demand for environmentally acceptable alternatives keeps rising. With the increase in the use of biomass, it is anticipated to boost the market during the forecast period.

Paints and Coatings Industry Segments Expected to Boost the Market:

Based on end-user industry segmentation, the paints and coating industry plays a crucial role in driving the adoption of renewable solvents. By incorporating these sustainable replacements into their products and processes, the industry can reduce its negative environmental impact, adhere to regulations, meet customer needs, and contribute to a future that is more sustainable, which is expected to fuel the market during the forecast period.


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