Industrial Surfactants Market Share, Size and Forecast Report 2022-2030

Industrial Surfactants Market Share, Size and Forecast Report 2022-2030

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Industrial Surfactants Market Size and Share

According to Reports and Insights analysis, the global industrial surfactants market is estimated to be US$ 8.5 Bn in 2022. Furthermore, the industrial surfactants market to register a CAGR of 5.0% which is expected to result in market forecast value for 2030 as US$ 12.6 Bn.

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Chemicals with low surface tension are known as surfactants. They are utilized in the home, and in the textile and personal care industries. In the food and beverage business, they are also commonly used. The numerous industries that employ surfactants are predicted to increase significantly during the coming years. Surfactants are typically utilized as emulsifiers, detergents, wetting agents, dispersants, or foaming agents to reduce the surface tension between any two liquids or a solid and a liquid. They are used in a variety of end-use sectors, including those involving petroleum, medicines, agrochemicals, and cosmetics. Over the next seven years, the industry is expected to profit from ongoing sector development.

Industrial Surfactants Market Dynamics

Industrial Surfactants Market Driver

Increase in awareness and standard of living lead to expansion of market

Consumers worldwide have adapted to and positively responded to a variety of applications with surfactants at their core. In the midst of the pandemic, people's attention to cleanliness and hygiene intensified. The main growth-promoting drivers are the growing preference for personal care products and the rising standard of living of individuals.

It is frequently utilized in disinfectants for usage in both commercial and domestic settings. Surfactant demand is also increased by increased sanitizer use. Most often, surfactants are employed to alleviate tension between various types of surfaces.

In addition to being used in adhesives, emulsifiers, and fabric softeners, surfactants are also used in anti-fogging liquids. Even in this sector, there is a growing demand for sustainable technologies. They are utilized in a variety of industries, including food and beverage production, industrial cleaning, and home care. Because of developments in biotechnology, the market for surfactants is predicted to expand. This market is anticipated to expand because there is a desire for environmentally friendly products. Governments' strict regulations and a focus on environmentally friendly items will spur market expansion.

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Industrial Surfactants Market Challenges

Fluctuation in raw material prices will impede market expansion

Due of environmental concerns and the price of crude oil, raw material costs are erratic. The negative environmental effects of pollutants, such as toxicity and biodegradability, have an impact on the cost of raw materials.

Regulations for resource use and environmental protection have been imposed by many regional governments.

During the anticipated period, low raw material prices and technological limitations in the mass production of petroleum products are anticipated to restrain market expansion.

Industrial Surfactants Market Opportunity

The rise in the consumption of surfactants in the agrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and petroleum industries provides an enormous opportunity for Industrial Surfactants Market player.

Industrial Surfactants Market Trends

There are various well-established industry players present, which is what drives the worldwide surfactant market. The majority of industry players are adapting to be present along the whole supply chain while maintaining a high degree of commercial interest. The industry is extremely competitive due to factors including high consumer bargaining power, low threat from new competitors, low supplier bargaining power, low threat from alternatives, and high investment costs. As a result, competition within the industry is fierce.

Most industry participants use new product development as their primary strategy. In addition, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and efficient marketing methods are anticipated to be some of the key tactics used by industry participants. It is projected that media platforms would be extensively used to promote and differentiate products.

Industrial Surfactants Market Regional Outlook

As in previous years, the Asia Pacific region is anticipated to hold the supreme share of the worldwide surfactant market. Due to a rise in demand, the market is anticipated to expand throughout the forecast period. The demand for raw materials from nations like Malaysia and Thailand has increased along with the use of bio-based surfactants in the Asia Pacific region.

The market is anticipated to be led by the Asia Pacific region in 2020. The Asia Pacific market is anticipated to expand due to rise in demand for personal care and home care goods in developing nations like China, Japan, and India.

The consumption is anticipated to increase because labour and manufacturing costs are low in the Asia Pacific area. The demand for personal care and home care products is growing, which is contributing to market expansion in Europe. A strong fashion sector in Europe has led to a boom in the textile and cosmetics industries, which has raised the necessity of surfactants.

Industrial Surfactants Market Share Analysis, By Region, in the year 2022

Industrial Surfactants Market Key Players Analysis:

The key players in the industrial surfactants market are: Nouryon, Evonik Industries AG, Kao Corporation, BASF SE, Stepan Company, Solvay, El Dupont De Nemours & Co, Clariant AG.

The top four players in the global surfactant industry accounted for more than 65% of the total market share in 2014. This indicates that the market is highly consolidated. The dominant player, BASF-Cognis, holds more than 30% of the market share. Akzo Nobel and Kao Corporation come after BASF.

Industrial Surfactants Market Recent Developments

Evonik began constructing the first industrial-scale biosurfactants production facility in the world in January 2022. Shower gels and detergents use these biosurfactants as active components.

In March 2021, an agreement was reached between BASF SE, Allied Carbon Solutions Co. Ltd, and Holiferm Ltd for the expansion. The manufacturing and development of potential personal care, industrial formulators, and home care products will be made possible by this expansion for BASF. Additionally, it will strengthen their positions in the industries of bio-based and active surfactants.

Industrial Surfactants Market Segmentation Outlook

The industrial surfactants market is segmented on the basis of type, origin, application, and region

By Type

Anionic Surfactants

Fatty alcohol ether sulfates

Fatty alcohol sulfates

Linear alkyl benzene



Non-ionic Surfactants

Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates (APE)

Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates (FAE)


Amphoteric Surfactants

Cationic Surfactants


By Origin

Synthetic Surfactants

Bio-based Surfactants


Chemically Synthesized Bio-based Surfactants

By Application


Food & Beverage

Home Care

Industrial & Institutional Cleaning

Oilfield Chemicals

Personal Care



By Region

North America



Latin America

Middle East & Africa (MEA)

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Frequently Asked Questions

The industrial surfactants market is estimated to reach at a value of US$ 8.5 Bn by the end of 2022 and expected to reach at a value of US$ 12.6 Bn by 2030 with a significant CAGR of 5.0%.

The base year for the report is 2021 in industrial surfactants market.

The industrial surfactants market is segmented on the basis of type, origin, application, and region.

The key players in the industrial surfactants market are: Nouryon, Evonik Industries AG, Kao Corporation, BASF SE, Stepan Company, Solvay, El Dupont De Nemours & Co, Clariant AG.

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